About ImaJAN Media

The most efficient way to describe ImaJAN Media is that of a business that creates unique and engaging social interaction websites and then monetizes them by selling ads, selling through affiliates or selling direct to the consumer. ImaJAN Media is dedicated to unique ideas and pursues them with vigor and tenacity.

Why ImaJAN Media Was Started

Why The Business Was Created

Sparked by a popular movie review website’s denial of two of the co-founders movie reviews, FilmCrave was first created as a social network to let the Average Joe write reviews and create their own lists. As the development of FilmCrave progressed, we realized that an expert web developer would be needed that understood that anything was possible. In short, the business was created to fill the gap that so many other movie sites left open.

ImaJAN Media has taken the same dedication that it took to movies and has applied it to several other web properties. We improve upon our competitors by combining many attributes to create the most useful user experience possible.

The ImaJAN Media Team

The Team

ImaJAN Media is made up of a unique group of individuals, each of which provides a necessary piece to making a successful business. Born and raised in a Midwestern rural community, they bring their work ethic, intuitive nature and impeccable understanding of what it takes to succeed for all their web based applications.

The team understands what it takes to get the job done, goes beyond what many web creators can think or do and delivers a knockout punch to the end user experience. This dedicated team works together to ensure that all web properties are maximized for user interactivity and the perfect blend of revenue generation. In the end, it is a team that knows what it wants and will stop at nothing to get there.