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The network is comprised of top of the line movie, video game and vacation planning websites. In our commitment to these verticals, each one brings a unique offering that no other site can boast. Our dedication to continued growth and expansion will bring additional websites to The Network as we develop leadership in online social interaction.

FilmCrave The Movie Social Network

One of the fastest-growing pure play entertainment websites exclusive to movies, itís a movie lovers dream. Itís a social network where users are encouraged to participate on the site, receiving points for doing so. An innovative forum, a quick and easy way to write reviews and a social networking profile all tie in to the overall content of the site. Where the movie site really shines is its innovative list creation process. Utilizing both ratings and movie lists, the top overall movies are displayed for every genre and also by each year. is a website that is easy to find, easy to use and easy to get addicted to.

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MeltedJoystick The Video Game Social Network

A video game site that bridges the gap of a top of the line social networks, game news and effectively compiled game information. Using the proven formula from FilmCrave, members can write reviews, talk on the forum and create top game lists. In addition to many of the standard features of game sites, MeltedJoystick has video game news, game trailers, and other important information about games. Taking one of the best features from FilmCrave, MeltedJoystick uses the same innovative list creation process that gives users the power to share with their friends what games are worth their time (and what games they are playing).

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